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My mother had this little verse in an antique frame on her dresser. I have no idea who wrote it, as it is not signed. But I knew as a teenager that it was true, and it speaks to me even more now.

“A GRANDMOTHER is a special friend
who understands and cares.
She keeps you in her fondest thoughts
and always in her prayers.”

Last night as I was starting to think about quietly sitting down to blog, my youngest granddaughter came into my room and asked if I would go into the living room and cuddle with her. She said she was too hot with her blanket, and too cold without it, so she needed me. I tried wrapping her in my sweater, sitting at my computer, but that just “wasn’t comfy for her”. So I gave up and headed to the living room.

We settled down on the couch with The Lego Movie in progress (I did not find it particularly satisfying, but the girls were enjoying it), me stretched out with Olivia on my tummy. As always, she wanted to know how big she was when she did that as a baby, so I showed her that she didn’t even reach my waist, and now she reaches my knees. We did a lot of tossing and turning and readjusting, and never quite got things right because she was really too tired. But by the time we put the girls to bed it was already today!

So I missed a day of posting in this NaBloPoMo of November…but it was for a good cause. I would rather be Olivia’s special friend than meet my deadline, for sure. Happy Tuesday.