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I am such a sucker for polls and surveys. I really do think that most manufacturers pay attention to feedback from consumers, and that it is generally worth my while to provide it. I quite often write reviews of books I have purchased from Amazon.com, and have done my share with TripAdvisor and other travel sites, as well.

So that’s what happened to tonight’s writing time. After a crazy evening trying to put two very uncooperative little girls to bed (Mom and Dad are out of town, and sometimes they think Grammy is a pushover), I sat down to write, only to be greeted by a marketing survey. Not just a survey, but one that was willing to pay me for my time. So I took it. And ran out of time to blog.

What about you? Are you an opinionated survey junkie like me, or do you just hit the “delete” button and continue on your merry way? I’m curious to hear how you feel.