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I remember my mother’s thirtieth birthday so well! After dinner that night (just Mom and us kids, as Daddy was working the night shift), Mom was washing dishes and had the only age-related meltdown I remember. She just kind of whimpered, “What am I doing here? I have three kids, my husband’s not here…I want my mother!” Then, as I watched, she shook herself off, straightened up, and told herself, “I have three beautiful children, my husband isn’t here because he is working to provide for us, and I am the mother.” She celebrated every birthday as a gift.

Today my daughter turned thirty. There are no words for how proud I am of her. With the exception of Aunt Betty, she is the strongest woman I know. Every day she sets aside her own whims and wishes for the good of her little family, keeping her sights on the goal ahead. She is truly the “wish my heart made”, and I want nothing but wonderfulness and joy for her.

Happy thirtieth birthday, Georgia. When you look in the mirror, may you see what I see in you: strength, beauty, courage, and joy!

Georgia's birthday dinner at Tarasco's.  Whitney, Olivia, and Nick are looking on.

Georgia’s birthday dinner at El Tarasco. Whitney, Olivia, and Nick are looking on.