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With great happiness and a bit of trepidation I dated a report “December 1, 2014” this morning. I was so excited that I wrote it out longhand, rather than writing 12/01/14 or 12-1-14. There is something beautiful in the word “December”. Beautiful, anticipatory…but also scary, because not only have I not finished my Christmas shopping (something the world seems to expect), I have barely even started.

Last year's tree

Last year’s tree

My granddaughters are still making their lists, still watching the commercials to discover what they really “need”. We keep reminding Olivia that she doesn’t “need” any of those things, but it is okay to say she “likes” them, or even that she would like to have them. But she doesn’t need them, for sure. Lily asked me today whether I knew what an MP-3 player was, and told me she “needed” the one in the Scholastic book order flyer. Her mama and I each (separately) explained that first of all, she didn’t need one at all, and second, things like that in book orders were generally half the quality for twice the price. Growing up and understanding these things can be so confusing.

I will continue working on my shopping, and do some creating along the way, too. December is my favorite month of the year, so you will no doubt hear more about it later. Happy December!