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I have come to the conclusion that I am not suited to winter weather. Today was grey and gloomy, with the Tule Fog shrouding the world until nearly noon. I ventured outdoors twice: in the morning to take Lily to school, and in the afternoon to fetch her home again. The rest of the day I tried to stay warm without cranking up the heater. I got all excited about 1:00 when the sun came out, but it retreated as quickly as it had come.

I layered on a sweater, zip-front hoodie, knee socks, slippers, and jeans. Meanwhile, Olivia scampered about wearing as few clothes as possible. Just looking at her made me chilly! (I know I must sound like a sissy, but we live in Central California, for Heaven’s sake.)

My answer to the cool house, of course, was to bake. Nothing like a 350 degree oven to warm things up. Unfortunately, as we are out of both chocolate candy and ice cream, I have eaten about half the loaf of blueberry bread that I baked. I think if I lived somewhere where it got really cold I would hibernate and/or bake all winter, and end up weighing 300 pounds by spring!

Tomorrow our state is gearing up for a ferocious storm — fierce enough that some San Francisco area school districts have canceled school. We are expecting rain to reach us on Friday, rain that is sorely needed, but will set us up for more Tule fog as the ground warms again. I am grateful that I don’t have to drive to work out in the country through the fog any more. I haven’t missed it a bit!

For the rest of the evening I will be curled up with a book, wrapped in a blanket. Warm!