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Well, all day I have been hearing reports and seeing pictures of the huge storm that hit Northern California early this morning. It is so hard to imagine closing schools in advance of an anticipated storm, as did many Marin County school districts. (As a practical matter, though, I would think that they districts would not lose the Average Daily Attendance funds if school were completely closed for an emergency, rather than just letting the parents decide to keep their students home.)

Anyhow, in preparation for the giant rainstorm to come, I swept the driveway and sidewalks completely clear of leaves this afternoon. Rain-soaked leaves on the sidewalk become VERY slippery after a while. I picked Lily up from school before the rain began. I took her to her Tap & Jazz Class…and returned her home, too, before the rain began. And Georgia made it safely home from work. We were ready and waiting for rain, but none came.

I checked and re-checked the weather forecast on my phone. Yes, we were still expecting rain — later. Each time I checked, the estimated rain arrival time was pushed farther ahead. And now, at 11:30, the forecast calls for a 60% chance of rain at 1:00 a.m., and a 100% chance (I have never seen that before) at 2:00 a.m.

(As I typed that last sentence I heard a huge rushing sound, and went to the front door to check things out. No rain yet, but major wind kicking up, rattling the trees and sending the leaves flying.)

It is 66 degrees out, which is the high for today. The rain is coming…I hope it rains gently all night, so that it can soak into the soil rather than running off down the gutters.

Ah, the pleasure of hearing rain as I sleep. Sweet dreams.