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In my conversations with random guests today (Along the lines of: “Are you tackling the Christmas shopping today?) Christmas shopping was the issue that never failed to get a smile from someone, whether they had children or not.

I don’t know whether they believed me when I remarked that, “I haven’t even started mine!” I wish I could say it was because I was handcrafting all the gifts, and would shop when I finished my crafting. Actually it is a manifestation of an idea I have always followed, regarding taking care to use in-the-area small businesswomen and men. It is partially why the direct sales model for gift shopping is so successful. If you want to find a unique gift item this Christmas, head to a local, independently owned business. Unlike purchases at the so-called Big Box stores, your contribution will make an impact on this small, locally-owned business’ survival.

And me…I’ll be starting to shop next week. (If you feel like shopping with my small, independently-owned business, check out PhotofunwithFawn.)