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Tonight the joyful Christmas kitchen chaos continued. Lily wanted to give each of her classmates a cookie (in a baggie) to go into their goodie bags for tomorrow’s Christmas party. Time was tight, as I had Christmas caroling practice this evening (a story for another day), so we started off with refrigerator sugar cookies. Lily and Olivia loved sprinkling red and green sugar on top of each cookie on the first batch before going to bed. I continued until we had enough for her 30 classmates and teacher, and then started in on chocolate chip ones, too.

Georgia asked me if it finally felt like Christmas because I was baking. While the cookies baked, I made my special Fantasy Fudge (my late mother-in-law’s recipe) to send to my brother-in-law in Ohio (he always gets a batch of his own for Christmas). Then I went out to the garage and announced that Christmas was officially here — the first batch of fudge was done.

Of course, during this whole process there were people wandering through the kitchen, tasting here, sniffing there, offering advice and encouragement.

After the cookies were baked, my job was done, so Georgia and Nick took over. She made adorable gift tags with my new one-inch punch, then they put each cookie in a baggie tied with ribbon. Of course, there is a plate of goodies for Lily’s teacher, as well. I think Lily will be pleased with the results of our group effort!

Many hands make light work!

Many hands make light work!