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I had so much fun with Georgia tonight! We left the girls at home with their daddy and headed to Target to Christmas shop. She had a pretty good idea what she wanted to get them, and their great-grand dad had sent us money for them as well. We heaped our cart with warm clothes, a few special toys, and gifts for their dad and uncle. Christmas shopping is definitely more fun with a shopping partner, and mine is the very best! The anticipation of the girls’ joy when they open their presents was wonderful. Then when we reached the register we sorted out who was paying for what…in perfect agreement.

The icing on the Christmas cake (pudding?) was a call from my son saying he and my daughter-in-love would be coming a day sooner than I had expected. To make it even better, they can stay three nights, rather than the here and back overnight at Thanksgiving.

I love Christmas. Next task: Wrapping presents!