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Winter has arrived in Central California. I thought it was here a couple of weeks ago, but that was merely a poor imitation. This morning I awoke to frost on the ground and 64 degrees in the house. And tonight as I drove home from work it was 37 degrees. For California, people, this is REALLY cold!

I remembered to put a towel across the front windshield of my Jeep before coming inside tonight; that will make getting to church early in the morning much easier. Pouring water on a frozen windshield is no fun!

I probably sound like a big sissy to those of you who live where it gets very cold…like Melody, who is living through her 13th winter in Ohio (I’m so sorry). But I never signed on for very cold weather. I’m here, and don’t have any intention of ever living where it snows.

Happy Winter, everyone. Here’s to Spring!