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When I got up this morning, I discovered Granddaughter #1 awake (way early for a Saturday) in her bed, reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by nightlight glow (Granddaughter #2 was still asleep). After just standing and enjoying the sight for a little while, I convinced her she should move to the couch where she could turn on a lamp. She read for another hour or so before telling me she thought she would “just close her eyes a bit” and immediately fell back asleep. I love that she is so involved in her book that she is staying up late reading and waking up early to start reading again!

Today was our Second Saturday Scrapbooking group, and we laughed and talked and scrapped and made cards and laughed and talked some more. I don’t spend enough time hanging out with my women friends, but when I do it is so satisfying.

And as soon as Second Saturday was over, I headed to Olive Garden for the rest of the evening. I had the pleasure of seating a gentleman I hadn’t seen in several years, and it was good to see him looking so well. We were very busy, but our guests were happy and satisfied. I get such a kick out of the little ones who come in. There are some really adorable babies out there!

It feels very good to be home and take off my shoes. My toes are happy to be unconfined. It feels good to take off even the most comfortable shoes at the end of a busy day. Now it is peanut butter and jam sandwich and ice cream time. Delicious!