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This morning after a wonderful service of confirmation and reception, Bishop David Rice was visiting with our congregation and answering questions about the state of our diocese. Along the way, he told a story about the African-American woman who raised him from birth to adulthood. He shared that every time he or his siblings left the house, she admonished them to “remember who you are” and not try to be something they were not.

Bishop David Rice and those being confirmed and received

Bishop David Rice and those being confirmed and received

I have been thinking about this all day, and wondering how my granddaughters would answer this question if asked. And I have been wondering about myself, and thinking that I cannot separate who I am from what I believe. And to carry this further, I cannot separate who I am and what I believe from what I do and how I act. To partition these things would be inauthentic and artificial, and would detract from what I am called to do as a child of God.

I don’t think my denomination matters any more than my marital status or my household income. None of those things are who I am. My humanity, my love for my family, my compassion for others, and my faith…those things make up who I am.

Tomorrow I am going to ask Lily, and remind her to “remember who you are”. Thank you, Bishop Rice.