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I was very productive today. I begged off taking the girls to school and quickly set up my card-making things in the (not-so-) sunny kitchen window and started working. I was using what die-hard Creative Memories consultants used to refer to as “contraband”, i.e., products supplied by another company. Fortunately for me, Close To My Heart does not discourage us from using things from other companies…as long as we are not promoting them at our workshops or classes. In today’s case, I was making birthday cards for sale on my epsy site…I opened it prematurely a couple of months ago and have only one set of cards posted. Oops!

Throughout the day I played chauffeur, as well…taking my daughter to work, picking up #2 granddaughter, then #1 granddaughter and her friend from school, and returning said friend to her home as I was driving to work. And then there was work, which was as pleasant as always.

In between I read bits and pieces of The Girls of Atomic City, which is amazing. I cannot fathom accepting a job that required me to move to an unknown place and work for an unknown entity, doing a job for a company whose name isn’t even true. All these girls were told was “It will help shorten the War,” (WWII) and they went!

After work I discovered that Amazon had diligently delivered my latest order: March, by Geraldine Brooks. When I ordered it, I didn’t even realize that it had been Geraldine Brooks who wrote Caleb’s Crossing, a piece of historical fiction that fascinated me last year. Now the task at hand is to prepare the minutes for tomorrow’s faith-based subcommittee on homeless issues before the morning’s meeting. That would be fairly easy were I less eager to dig into March and more excited about working on a resource guide for the homeless. (Let me correct that: I AM excited about our work to create a resource guide for the homeless of Visalia, but right this minute I want to snuggle down with my book until I can’t keep my eyes open.)

What was it that made you feel productive today? Was it a scheduled task or a serendipitous happenstance? Was it your idea, or something that someone else imposed upon you? (I think I just made the executive-level decision to read tonight and get up extra early tomorrow morning to prepare my minutes. Good planning, don’t you agree?