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I’m sure I have said this once or twice before, but I absolutely love working with my daughter. Yesterday a friend I hadn’t seen in several years came in for lunch and as she was introducing me to her companion she asked, “Didn’t Georgia used to work here?” “She still does,” was my reply. “Actually, she was the one who suggested I apply.” I explained that we live together, as well, and both women expressed surprise that we could share the same home and the same place of business. Of course, our jobs are very different, and we are seldom side-by-side, but I am definitely a proud mom as I watch her serve or supervise so effectively.

When I was a kid, I thought everyone got along with their parents. As I became a teenager and began to spend more time in other people’s homes, I began to realize that what our family had was something very special. Now, as an adult, I realize that what these newest generations of our family has is also very special. I am friends with my children and their partners, and feel very blessed to be so.