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Today was a topsy-turvy day — no real flow to it, but a smattering of this and a dabble of that. During last night’s “weeding out” of the girls’ bedroom, they made a stack of books to share with others, so Olivia and I took them to her preschool to see if they could use them. The director is a book freak like I am, and was very excited for new books to love. I did a little more paper crafting, but mostly worked on cleaning up my mess.

When ballet time came, we found the school in total darkness and people milling around outside. It seems an electrical transformer had blown out, and the side of the street the studio is on was in the dark for several blocks. It was pretty strange, as the buildings directly across the street had normal power. I thought we would be going home soon, but the task for the evening was to measure the girls for their spring recital costumes. They all clustered in a circle around their teacher, giggling and playing “telephone”, as she measured them by iPhone light. It brought back fond memories of my visits to camp, sitting around a counselor and listening to her tell scary stories by the light of our camp fire.

Back at home, the only evidence of the blown transformer was all the blinking clocks, telling us that the power had surged and gone out briefly, then come back on. I still need to reset the clocks in every room of the house.

Tonight as I baked brownies for tomorrow’s doll club meeting in Fresno, I added another set of cards to my etsy store, and will do some more later on. It has a much less lonely look to it now. The apple crumb coffee cake is nearly done now, filling the air with the most delicious spiced apple fragrance. Makes me think about having a second bowl of ice cream!

Here is my wish for you for tomorrow: May you have a

Glorious Day!

Glorious Day!