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Several times a day my sweet son-in-law shares with me something he has discovered on Reddit.com. For whatever topic you are interested in at any particular time, there is a corresponding subject, known as a “subreddit” full of comments or longer commentary. I spent quite a while wandering around reddit this evening, even going so far as to add to two scrapbooking-related conversations.

From what I understand, for each post you have the opportunity to vote for the quality of the post (known as “up-voting”) and you are awarded points for both commenting on others’ subreddits and posting your own. Posts that are voted for most often rise to the top of the page, rather like cream. Again, I’m not comfortable with the details, but am learning my way around. (I know I have over-simplified this, but I don’t know enough to complicate it.)

I’m kind of afraid to become too attached to reddit.com. Between two blogs, two email addresses, and games and conversations on Facebook, time is getting tighter and tighter. But it is a fun challenge, and is helping broaden my horizons. Would you care to join me?