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It is no secret that I love games. Pinball machines, computer games, slot machines, you name it — if you can play and rack up a score, I’m there. I know I spend too much time on them, so when my friends started raving about “Trivia Crack” on Facebook, I just ignored them. The name was a bit off-putting, too. “Crack” is serious stuff, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to have anything to do with a game named after that phenomenon.

I finally broke down and tried it the other night when I was feeling really rocky. I was terrible! I couldn’t correctly answer two questions in a row. I commented on my Facebook page, “Evidently I suck at Trivia Crack!” and was gratified to see that several of my friends responded that I must have been really tired. It is nice when my friends have my back!

Now that I’ve been playing for several days, I see where the name came from. It really is fun…and demanding. Where’s the first place I go when I sit down at my computer? Yep, to “Trivia Crack” to see if it my turn in anyone’s game. And where is the last place I go? Back to check on my progress.

That’s all for now. I think it is my turn!