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A year ago on Superbowl weekend I was having an amazing Sister Scrapbooking Adventure with Melody at the Avila Lighthouse Inn and Suites, at Karen Bowser’s annual scrapbooking retreat. It was too wonderful, being able to scrapbook for two days and still get home to Daddy’s to watch the game afterwards.

This weekend is Karen’s retreat again, but Melody is happily in Maui with her husband, and I will be watching the Superbowl at home with my granddaughters (or at least I will be watching; they will probably be complaining about my choice of television shows).

I don’t really have a horse in this race, since the San Diego Chargers aren’t playing, but my heart has to lean towards the Seattle Seahawks. I love Seattle, and by extension, the Seahawks. But mostly I hope everyone plays a good clean game and Budweiser has another tear-jerking Clydesdale commercial!

Whichever team you cheer for, here’s my wish for a wonderful family and friends-filled football day. Enjoy!