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Today marks the first day of our new NaBloPoMo for February, with the theme of “make”. So my plan was to get card ideas during the Superbowl game this afternoon, then move to the kitchen table and make Valentines for the ladies of the Cuesta Doll Club. Of course, like many of my great plans, this one got highjacked by Georgia.

I left the room briefly and she grabbed the remote (surprise!) and found the movie “Divergent”. Not only did she find it, but she told me I needed to watch it, now. I explained my plan for the evening, and was told I needed to watch it anyway! If you haven’t seen it, just let me tell you that I’m absolutely exhausted from helping the main character survive the movie — if you have, you will understand why! Not to mention that the subject matter wasn’t exactly conducive to creating romantic little fluffy cards.

But I persisted, and here are two Valentines I have to show for my movie watching experience (I actually finished six of the sixteen I need):



"Fashionable ladies"

“Fashionable ladies”

Both cards were made on 5-1/2×4″ White Daisy cards from Close To My Heart, red cardstock from my stash, white embossed heart from Martha Stewart, Valentine’s novelty ribbons from Joann’s Fabrics, and toile illustrations taken the “Dear Jane” stack by DCWV.

(And if you get a chance, watch “Divergent”. It really is an excellent movie.)