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I stayed up way too late last night and coughed all night long, so after taking Lily to school this morning it seemed like a really good idea to snuggle on the couch with Olivia for a bit and play “catch up” with some sleep. “A bit” turned into nearly three hours, which is an amazing luxury on a weekday morning. Olivia was so precious, as she could see that I really didn’t want to get up (or even move from my spot). She can be quite self-sufficient when she chooses.

Each time I would doze off, she would wake me after ten minutes or so to ask permission to do something, or to see if I was feeling better, or to check on snack availability. After answering her questions sufficiently, back to sleep I would go. It had a lovely rhythm to it!

After a while I started thinking about Mom, Melody, and afternoon nap time. The usual routine around our house was that after lunch Mom would watch “her shows” — “Perry Mason”, “Queen for a Day” and others — while we took naps. Her take on the idea was, “Even if you can’t go to sleep, you need to rest quietly until it is time to get up.” Then she usually stretched out on the couch and went to sleep.

Melody was just a toddler, but she figured out fairly quickly that Mom would say “yes” to almost any question when she was 3/4 asleep, just to get you to go away. That is, until the day that she said “yes” to letting Melody wear her brand new black patent leather shoes outside to play in the dirt! From that day on, the rule became: Do not ask Mom questions while she is taking a nap. (Although we still tried it every so often.)

I’m feeling pretty human again, after my extra sleep. Now it is time to pack for my way-to-quick overnight trip to the coast. Happy Monday!