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Today after taking Georgia to work, Olivia and I treated ourselves to a visit to the Tulare County Library. I had forgotten that they don’t open until noon on Fridays, so we had a bit of time to kill. We discovered another little girl and her mother waiting on the benches for the library to open, and Olivia told me, “I think I’ll go be that little girl’s friend.”

The two little ones had a great time running around on the lawn, while the mom and I visited. When she learned that her new friend had never been to the library before, Olivia assured her that she could show her all about it. There are few things more fun than watching a four-year-old tour guide show off one of her favorite places! While I walked across to the books for older kids, Olivia did the honors in the Easy Reader section. I found The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, for Lily, and let Olivia choose her favorite ten books to bring home. And then I chose two more for myself.

It is nearly midnight as I am writing (I worked late) and Lily just came into my room, asking to lie down on my bed and read. Her choice for this evening is Ramona and her Mother, by Beverly Cleary. She keeps reading bits and pieces to me, and laughing softly to herself. I love living with a family of readers!