I was cruising along in the heavy mist that was trying to become fog when I passed a Visalia Police car. I just kept doing my thing…although, even doing the right thing, I hate to be followed by a policeman because I always think I will inadvertently do something stupid.

Just when I relaxed, thinking all was well, the night sky lit up as he pulled me over. As has always been my experience with Visalia PD, he was very polite as he asked if I knew why he had stopped me. I truly had no idea, and said as much. He explained that my right brake light was out, and that especially in the fog it was hard to see me when I put on my brakes.

He asked for my driver’s license and told me he just needed to make sure it was valid and I could go. During the few minutes it took for him to run my license, two other patrol cars came past us slowly (we were just north of Oval Park). Nice to know he had back-up, if needed.

Tomorrow I will be asking Nick to fix my brake light. Fortunately, the officer didn’t give me a fix-it ticket, just encouraged me to do so.

Drive safely.