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This is a comfort food night. I have been wandering around in search of something…I’m not sure what…and I finally ended up opening a can of Campbell’s vegetarian vegetable soup. Just smelling it heating up on the stove made me feel better. And now it is too hot to eat for a few minutes, but the crackers and peanut butter are ready to munch.

Is there anything more satisfying than peanut butter and crackers to accompany soup? Not in my book, there isn’t. Except, perhaps, Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. (That was part of the problem…the cousins delivered our cookies this evening, and part of me wanted to sit down and eat an entire box by myself!)

My friend Bill Davis, Jr. shared this on Facebook tonight: “My mother taught me everything, except how to live without her.” He didn’t mention who said it, so I can’t give credit, but it certainly sums things up beautifully for me. And it speaks to my melancholy this evening. If Mom were alive, she would be delighting in a bowl of vegetarian vegetable soup, crackers, and peanut butter with me. And tea, of course. Always tea.