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I started Soldier Girls by Helen Thorpe two days ago in the midst of reading HRC (about Hillary Clinton) and The Girls of Atomic City, and could hardly put it down. In exploring the experiences of three very different women who joined the National Guard and ended up soldiering in Afghanistan and Iraq, I was challenged to examine my feelings about waging war to secure peace, as well as to question just how involved the United States should be in the problems of other countries.

There is much more to “Soldier Girls” than meets the eye, just as there are more complex concerns haunting our veterans than we non-vets will ever imagine. If you have ever doubted whether our government is adequately serving our vets — especially our female vets — when they return from battle, you will doubt no longer.

Definitely a Good Read.

Reading goal for 2015: 50 books. This was 3/50.