When I was in college, almost any problem could be solved by a trip to Taco Bell. Of course, in the late 60’s nothing on the menu cost more than nineteen cents, so one could truly have a feast for a dollar or less. Our routine was to drive into San Luis Obispo from Cuesta College, cruise into Taco Bell (no drive-thru back then), and then head to the nearest park for dinner. It was a wonderful break from the routine of class — and what could be more romantic than eating tacos on a blanket at the park with your favorite guy?

When I moved to Fresno my junior year, my Taco Bell sidekick was no longer my boyfriend, but my roommate. Taco Bell was between our apartment and Fresno State, and was cheaper than Dairy Queen or McDonald’s. We ate there a lot. If we weren’t eating at Aunt Betty’s, we ate at Taco Bell.

Over the years I fell out of the Taco Bell habit, as their hamburger no longer agreed with me. But a while back I rediscovered how much I love their bean burritos, and Taco Bell (between Olive Garden and home) has become my go-to late night food stop.

Tonight I went by on the way home (thank heavens for the drive-thru, as I was too tired to get out of the car), and was the hero of the night when I brought back dinner for all. Such an easy way to say “I love you”.

Thank you, Taco Bell.