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I spent a couple of hours earlier this evening “messing” at my computer and listening to my son-in-law and his friends gaming in the garage on the other side of my bedroom wall. (Thank you, Nick, for gifting me with your “old” monitor — twice as big as the one I had.) I love hearing them cheer at each other, harass each other, goad each other over bad shots. The only thing that makes it better is when my son is out there in the mix, too. There is such comfort in knowing that all ones chicks are safe and sound.

While the grown-ups were playing in the garage, the little girls were tucked into the couch watching television after chores and baths were finished. The ‘tween sit-coms make me groan, but the girls enjoy them and they aren’t awful, just a bit insipid sometimes.

Tonight this Grammy is content listening to happy voices.