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When I first started reading HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton back in January, I had no idea it would take me nearly six weeks to finish. Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes did a masterful job of taking the reader inside the Clinton campaign machine, showing the growing respect and friendship between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, and sharing details of her tenure as Secretary of State. It was heavy going at times, simply because there was so much detailed information to digest, but most definitely worth reading.

I have always felt that Hillary was the smarter Clinton, and I still do. But I have a better appreciation of Bill and his political expertise now, and am even more excited about the potential of a Presidential run for Hillary in 2016. Hillary’s humanity showed through here much more than I have seen elsewhere. This is a driven, ambitious woman who truly cares about the future of our country. A good read, for sure.

Reading Goal for 2015: 5/50.