I am not a fan of Daylight Saving Time. It takes my body some time to adjust to the darker mornings, and it seems to be harder every year. I had to nearly pry Lily out of her bed this morning, as she is used to the sun being up by the time my alarm goes off. When I awoke for the yard sale Sunday morning, the sky was still pitch black! And woe unto you if you must deal with one of the two states that doesn’t follow Daylight Saving Time! One year we had a storm delay for our flight out of Las Vegas. Our trip was re-routed out of Phoenix, and because of the time difference, our connecting flight from Phoenix to Bakersfield was actually taking off as we were boarding the plane from Vegas to Phoenix!

After I re-adjust, I know I will enjoy the longer evenings and beautiful weather that are hallmarks of our spring Daylight Saving Time days. But for now, I’m feeling just a little bit “off”, and it makes me grumpy.

Sweet dreams.