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I have never had this many clothes at once in my whole life! I finally managed to try everything Melody sent, and all but two jackets, a sweater, and a dress fit perfectly. My challenge tonight was finding room in the closet for them. I still have to figure out a place for four pair of jeans, two pair of capris, some yoga pants, and two pair of skinny black pants for work — but I will shoehorn them in somewhere!

Many of the tops are familiar to me and I have always loved them. Tonight Georgia told me, “You look like Aunt Melody,” which made sense, as the only things I was wearing that started out as mine were my shoes! The things that didn’t fit will have another life, as I will be donating them to the fundraising yard sale for the friend-of-a-friend who is battling cancer (we also gave her everything that we didn’t sell at Baby Hendrix’s yard sale this weekend).

Do you have clothing that doesn’t fit taking up space in your closets? May I challenge you to go through your stash and share with someone else who could use a boost? It will do you both good. Happy sharing