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Melody sent me The Seventh Mother by Sherri Wood Emmons last week along with my wonderful boxes of clothes. When I finished The Creation of Eve (by Lynn Cullen), I immediately jumped right in. It begins as a simple story of a loving single dad (Brannon) who is raising his eleven-year-old daughter while travelling from place to place following a series of temporary jobs. Emma is the independent woman who falls for Brannon (and his daughter, Jenny) and gives up the security of her job to become part of their travelling family. While Jenny is very fond of Emma, she won’t really let herself relax, as Emma is only one in a series of girlfriends who have come for a while and then gone away.

Dark undercurrents to the seemingly happy relationship between Brannon and Emma, as well as Jenny’s curiosity about her mother who died when she was very small, take Emma and Jenny off in directions that surprised me. Towards the end, I was reading as quickly as I could because the suspense was about to do me in. The Seventh Mother came to a very satisfying conclusion for me…most definitely a Good Read!

2015 Reading Goal: 8/50.