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I came home from work tonight to a lovely house: The girls snuggling in to camp on the living room floor, Lily reading poetry aloud and watching television, and Olivia building a cozy sleeping spot by the end table. We had company in the garage, too, figuring out how best to share the PS2. I, gratefully, did not need to make any middle-of-the-night shopping stops on the way home.

I am scrapbooking in Exeter tomorrow and, once again, I don’t have any new pictures printed out to use. But I have box after storage box of already printed pictures, just waiting under my bed. I look forward to my “naked scrapping” style, interspersed by pages with accents and journaling. And I have greeting cards “in process” for my Etsy store, too. I will drive over early and unpack my car, then come back into Visalia to work through the middle of the day, then back to Exeter until 11:00 p.m.

Very satisfying!