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According to the elves at WordPress.com, this is post number 500 for me here at Trigger’s Horse. The whole idea that I have written 500 snippets of my thoroughly-lived life and shared them with you here is mind-boggling to me. Since anniversaries of any sort call for a bit of introspection, I have been thinking about what I might have learned along the way. So here goes:

1. The blogosphere is filled with too many good people to attempt to count or categorize. Some, like AnnMarie over at anntogether.com and Deb from C-Dog & Co, have become such good “imaginary friends” that when a day goes by without a comment or post from them, I miss them. Some, like Sarah Bessey at Sarah Bessey.com inspire me by their out-of-the-box thinking and wide independent streaks. There are young ones, like Adi at The Happy Lifeaholic who are from the youthful end of the spectrum, while others (like me) are a bit grey around the edges. And each one of them make my life richer.

2. Blogging every day is possible. On nights when my heart is overflowing with sorrow or joy, I can write. The comments from my readers offer messages of healing, compassion, and hope — plus a healthy amount of “been there, done that”. If ideas are eluding me, I can share a Lily or Olivia story. Even better, I can share a small bit of inspiration from Mom’s journals.

3. I don’t have to be brilliant to blog. Often it is the simplest stories that resonate the deepest with my readers.

4. Blogging is satisfying. Seeing my words in print still pleases me as much with the five hundredth post as it did with the first.

5. You, my readers, bring me joy, and I am grateful.