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Well, Danielle Steel has done it again. A couple of nights ago I stayed up and finished Girl in Translation, by Jean Kwok, and then started in on Forever Friends, by Danielle Steel. As is my wont, I finished it in one satisfying sitting. And then this morning after taking the girls to school and visiting my mechanic briefly with my misbehaving Jeep, I opened Silent Honor and was immediately captured.

I have been both outraged and fascinated by the so-called “relocation camps” where the Japanese in America were detained during WWII, and Silent Honor provides such an accurate telling of the privations and small miracles that occurred in those camps. My son’s father, grandparents, and great-grandparents were interned in Arkansas, and although my mother-in-law wouldn’t discuss it, I know the family was very traumatized by the losses they suffered. In typical Danielle Steel fashion, she told a complex story that simply begged to be finished, and the last few pages left me with goose-bumps. This was truly a very good read. (And yes, I finished it this evening. That’s three books in three days. Happiness!)

2015 Reading Goal: 9, 10, 11/50.