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Today was our first real gardening time of the spring. Everyone but Lily (who was still at school) pitched in and attacked the overgrown weeds and plants in the front yard. The weed-whacker, rakes, brooms, and clippers were wielded with glee, and Olivia was provided with her very own “little green weeds” to pull. Our first batch of annuals was planted (petunias and verbena), and we talked about putting in a rose-bush in next to the elm tree.

The only down side to our work day was the heat, which was sitting at about 85 degrees while we worked. I absolutely HATE sweating, but I certainly was. And poor Melody was having snow flurries in Ohio. There is no justice. At work tonight I was stiff and creaky, and it took me several hours to realize that it was only my body protesting against weed-pulling and guest seating in the same day. Oh, well…this body needs the exercise to keep it moving!

Happy Spring! Tomorrow is supposed to be a smidgen cooler…I hope!