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According to Dictionary.com, “comprehend” is a verb that means “to understand the nature or meaning of; perceive.

Tonight I am trying very hard to comprehend how and/or why a bright, enthusiastic 15-year old boy should have to do battle with cancer, and trying even harder to understand his death. I don’t remember a time before I believed in God, and Heaven has always been a very real concept for me, but I still struggle with the reality of children dying young. I had the privilege this morning of attending the funeral of Josh Villarreal…football player, son, grandson, brother, cousin, friend…and was amazed by the joy shared by those who spoke about Josh and his young life. From his grandfather to his coaches to his best friend, every speaker took comfort in Josh’s faith and in their knowledge that their loved one was no longer sick, but was in the presence of God.

It is more than I can comprehend.