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Merriam-Webster.com has several definitions for the verb “fashion”, but my favorites are 1) to give shape or form to, mold, alter, transform, and 2) to mold or construct, usually with the use of imagination or ingenuity (as in, “to fashion a lamp from an old churn”).

Mom was the queen of fashion. Not in her style of dress, which was fairly conservative and slap-dash, but in her ability to transform things with the use of imagination or ingenuity. One of her pet projects (unfortunately left unfinished) was a booklet of ways to use handkerchiefs (the dainty kind a lady always used to have in her purse). She fashioned doll petticoats from them, turned them into pockets, appliqued them onto aprons as pockets. Occasionally she even used one to wipe her nose!

Back in the mid-70s, I had a co-worker at the Fresno County Mental Health Department who fashioned beautiful blouses from dresser scarves and cloth napkins that she purchased from various thrift stores. She often paired them with denim skirts and jackets. Her clothes were always lovely and unique.

Throughout recorded history, loving parents have fashioned dolls for their children from ordinary household objects. The spring that our family spent in a tiny hotel while our house in Arroyo Grande was being built, Mom fashioned paper dolls for us from binder paper…faint blue lines and all. She painted them with water-colors, and provided full wardrobes. We loved them, probably even more than if they had come straight from the store.

Look around your house and see what has been fashioned there — share in the comments if you would like. And if you are curious about the word list for this month’s A-Z Challenge, visit here.