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Dictionary.com defines the verb “hoard” as “to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in a hidden or carefully guarded place”.

Since the debut of the television show “Hoarders”, I have reassured myself that I am a collector, rather than a hoarder, as I am not obsessive about it and my stash is clean and vermin-free. (As I watch, I concentrate on those differences, while grieving for the people whose lives have been overrun by their hoarding tendencies.) But I am taking full ownership of today’s definition as “to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc.

I came home from Daddy’s yesterday with my jeep filled with boxes of “stuff” from Mom’s extensive collections, all needing to be sorted, priced, and given away or sold. I’m getting ready for the Fresno Doll Show & Sale next month, and there are still so many boxes I haven’t even peeked into yet. But I brought home vintage Valentine’s Day cards, buttons (always buttons), doll clothes (antique, vintage, and just plain used), fabrics, laces, trims, and even a small group of dolls. My hope is to find eager buyers for these things, so that I can share the wealth and let others help preserve these things in their own hidden or carefully guarded places.

(I find it intriguing that, used as a noun rather than a verb, my stash could be referred to as my “hoard”. Isn’t English grand?)

What do you hoard? Or are you one of those well-disciplined creatures who removes an object from your life as you bring a new one in? Feel free to share in the “comments”. And if you would like to see my entire A-Z Challenge list, visit here.