Photo Fun With Fawn

Yesterday’s Making Connections event in Sacramento was truly wonderful! There is something so charming about being part of a team that expands a corporate training event to include a daytime “play date”. I love the total rush that comes from spending quality time with authentic, caring women. They truly are Close To MY Heart!

On our way from our play date to dinner...the best is yet to come! On our way from our play date to dinner…the best is yet to come!

Monica Wihongi, Vice President of Marketing, was our speaker for the evening, and inspired us with her enthusiasm, wisdom, and joy. She shared insights and tidbits from Shawn Achor’s books, The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness, as well as stories about her journey as a wife, mother of 7 children and two new furbabies, and her life with Close To My Heart.

The thing I love most about Monica is her accessibility. She doesn’t just go through the motions with “meet…

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