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Mother Nature is messing with us again! As I was taking the girls to school and running a few errands early, the rain was spitting down, hardly enough to get the windshield wet. The skies stayed mostly gray, but with sunshine now and again, until later afternoon when the thunderheads started piling up.

I kept asking guests whether it had started raining, or was it still sprinkling. A couple of guests noted that it was feeling like rain, but only one said it was raining hard. When I got home tonight, the sidewalk was actually wet, and the ground was showing moisture. But by this time even the sprinkling had stopped.

Meanwhile, Facebook was filled with a variety of photographs of people kayaking in their neighborhood streets in Fresno, less than 50 miles away! And Tioga Pass, which had been opened for the season with great fanfare last week, was closed again last night in anticipation of a huge snowstorm today.

The weather report is calling for a 70% chance of rain in about 10 minutes. Let’s hope Mother Nature comes through and we all stay inside, warm and cozy, while the rain pours down.

Sweet dreams.