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The Faith-based Subcommittee of Visalia’s Committee on Homeless Issues invited any and all interested Visalians to come spend a half an hour at lunchtime today praying for our city. Of our 127,000 or so residents, a stalwart dozen showed up at Oval Park downtown for 30 minutes of silent prayer or meditation. There were no organized speeches, no hand-outs or microphones…just ordinary people sitting quietly at picnic tables in the center of this historic park, smack in the middle of some of the roughest neighborhoods in Visalia. Some read their Bibles, one wrote in her journal, others simply closed their eyes and prayed silently. Rev. Suzy went to the gazebo and invited those residents sitting there to join us, and after a few minutes one gentleman did.

For me, the traffic swirling around the park provided an instant reminder that we truly were in the center of downtown, and that we need to continue to bring the light of Christ into all areas of our city. Having thirty minutes designated for prayer was an absolute gift (even though “Jesus Christ is Bubbling All Over” was still singing in my head, compliments of ChristKids’ Preschool Graduation this morning). Several attendees asked that we do this on a monthly basis, and I hope that happens.

Perhaps next time our numbers will have doubled. Please pray for the health and well-being of your city, wherever it may be.