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Today has been full, beginning with our Pentecost Celebration and coffee hour birthday party hosted by Otis and Olivia. Rev. Suzy had crepe paper streamers for the adults and wonderful ribbon ones for the children, in fiery shades of red and orange. During one of the hymns, Miss Olivia escaped her chair and danced her way up to the front of the room, where she continued her own spontaneous liturgical dance throughout the singing. At first I asked her to sit back down, then realized that she truly was dancing as the Spirit moved her, and just let her be. I was too busy watching her in the moment to get out my phone for a picture.

Later at home, Lily the Mad Scientist got out her volcano kit, the white vinegar, baking soda, and red food coloring, and had quite a time causing volcano eruptions. Her expression shows how much fun she was having!

Mad Scientist at work!

Mad Scientist at work!

After work I hid in my room seeking peace and quiet, making Olivia very unhappy because I didn’t want to watch “Despicable Me 2” with her…I hate disappointing her, but I just didn’t have it in me. Her mom came in and made everything better, and both girls were able to enjoy staying up “really late”.

Now that I’m the only one up, I, too, am enjoying staying up “really late”. My pb&j sandwich is in my lap, new cup of tea at my left hand — computer games here I come! Good night.