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The girls are having an Alice in Wonderland tea party for their birthday this Saturday.  Georgia wants to transform the living room at The Little House into a veritable floral bower, with giant butterflies fluttering around and flowers cascading from the ceiling above the tea table.

We have been haunting the various Dollar Stores in town, buying up armloads of silk flower bouquets and garland, which she is carefully taking apart and hanging from lengths of fishing line, all ultimately to be suspended from the ceiling.

Today’s venture yielded box after box of fancy tea cookies, along with more flowers and the aforementioned giant butterflies.  Tomorrow I will venture into my storage room and find the box marked “best teapots”; I hope my pot shaped like a mother cat, with kittens for cream and sugar, will be in there.  We won’t have a Cheshire Cat (at least, I haven’t seen one yet), but we can still have Momcat and her kittens.

We still need to locate teacups for the guests to take home as souvenirs, so tomorrow’s shopping trip will be to the local thrift shops (they were all closed today).  It is too early for pictures, but I will post some later.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking we should have started working on this several weeks ago.  I have visions of running into that white rabbit, and sharing in his muttering, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”