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Five years ago today I awoke for the first time in my very own bed, in my brand-new duplex apartment.  Moving out was a difficult decision, but after 29 years of marriage it was a decision long overdue.

I spent two years in that sweet apartment, eating and sleeping and cleaning (or not) as I wished, with daily interruptions by my teaching job.  I was through with compromising and negotiating, and loved being independent.

Then my world was rearranged once more, and I moved from my little place into my daughter’s home.  Compromising and negotiating became absolutely necessary once more, as we discovered what did and did not work for the five of us sharing our lives in close quarters.  Thank goodness I’m a Libra and crave equilibrium…

It is time for another change, as next week I will file for dissolution of our now nearly 33 year marriage.  My husband-who-lives-across-town will morph into ex-husband #2; I hope our relationship can continue to be as positive as it has become (most of the time) over these past years.

My grieving was over long ago, but I would be foolish to think that this huge change won’t take a certain amount of adjustment.  I look forward to being single again, knowing what I do now, and will go forward with enthusiasm for whatever comes my way.