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Lily has one week left as a third grader. That is rather amazing to me, as I remember so well my third grade year, thanks to Mrs. Hoyt, my teacher. (I would love to know how old she really was…I have no clue, except that she was not one of the young ones; she might have been in her mid-40s, perhaps, as Mom wasn’t yet 30, and Mrs. Hoyt seemed much older than Mom.) This last week of school before summer vacation will mostly be fun, games, and parties. The year’s best school work came home from Open House last week. Lily’s cursive writing is lovely now, unlike the scraggly, tentative writing at the beginning of the year. Georgia says it reminds her of Mom’s handwriting — much taller and more pointed than mine.

Still to come is her dance recital, to be held the Monday after school is out. She will have rehearsals four times this week, as her teacher helps the girls fine-tune their performance. Her dance skills, too, have grown enormously this past year, and we are all excited to see this “grand finale” of the year.

The down side of all of this is the weather. We have jumped right into the 99 degree plus temperatures, and there is no rain in sight. The Dallas area received more rain YESTERDAY than we have had this entire year. It is so hard to understand why some should have water inside their houses and some others don’t even have any outside. Period.

And here, in case you didn’t get enough yesterday, are two more pictures from the girls’ tea party on Saturday. Sweet dreams.

Olivia showing off a present.  Don't her friends look wonderful in their dresses?

Olivia showing off a present. Don’t her friends look wonderful in their dresses?

Lily and friends admiring a present.

Lily and friends admiring a present.