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My “Alcott Books”, as I have always called them, are old, beloved friends.  When I thought they had been lost during my college move from Mom and Daddy’s to my new apartment in Fresno, I grieved.  But two years later, as my foot bumped into a box under the edge of my bed at home, I instantly knew what the box contained, and began to weep.  I had been so afraid they were gone forever that only when I knew they were safe and still mine was I able to let go and cry.

For my Louisa May Alcott Reading List, I will be re-reading some and continuing to read others.  First on my list will be Aunt Jo’s Scrap Bag Vol. 1:  My Boys, etc.  Written in the winter of 1871-72, my copy was published by Little, Brown, and Company in 1906, and entered my collection in March of 1997.

Next will be a re-reading of Harriet Reisen’s Louisa May Alcott:  The Woman Behind Little Women.  This excellent biography of Louisa was published in 2009, and was one of my “read until I’m done” routines.  I know I will enjoy it at least as much the second time through as I did the first.

Third on my list will be a book new to me, but one that will intrigue, I am sure:  Eden’s Outcasts:  The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father.  Amos Bronson Alcott has fascinated me for many years, and I look forward to learning more about his relationship with his talented daughter.

Those should keep me going for awhile, especially when merged in with the rest of my summer reading material.  To learn more about the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge, head over to InTheBookcase.blogspot.com.  It’s not too late for you to sign up — the more, the merrier!