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One of the readings in church this morning was the section in Genesis where God is looking for Adam and Eve, and asking them why they are hiding from Him — and Adam immediately blames “the woman” for talking him into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree.

In Suzy’s sermon she asked what kind of garden we pictured when we read the Genesis account of the Garden of Eden, where it was so quiet they could hear the breath of God and know He was among them.

A picture of that garden has been forming in my mind all day long, and I’m sorry to say that it bears little resemblance to our back yard!

I think of the garden of Eden as being both cozy and exotic.  Cozy enough to be the perfect, happy home for Adam and Eve, and exotic enough to include all the plant and animal species in the world.  The fruit trees and vegetables grew in such profusion that all God’s first couple had to do was to reach out their hands to harvest, and gorgeous flowers tumbled over and around the edible plants.  And the animals…lions and tigers and bears — oh, my!

I’m afraid my back garden more closely resembles where Adam and Eve lived after the Fall…dead lawn with even the weeds on the decline from a dearth of water, trees being watered enough to keep them alive, but certainly not luscious, and vegetables confined to narrow planting boxes and tomato cages.

Luscious cherry tomatoes growing in my garden.

Luscious cherry tomatoes growing in my garden.

This zucchini will become a "bat" if it isn't harvested tomorrow!

This zucchini will become a “bat” if it isn’t harvested tomorrow!

What would your Heavenly garden look like?  Are you working to make Heaven here on earth?  Let me know in your comments, please.