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Yesterday while in Target to get Lily’s birthday present, I found myself in the book section (what a surprise) and Still Alice jumped out at me.  I have a note in the back of my planner to look for the movie, but had forgotten it was a book first.  I started reading and only stopped long enough for Lily’s birthday celebration.  Stayed up until after 2:00 this morning, slept, awoke at 7:15 and started reading again.  I just finished, and think I will be haunted by it forever.

Still Alice, by Lisa Genova, is a fictional story of Alice, a Harvard professor of neuroscience who specializes in studying the acquisition, organization, and use of language.  Shortly before her 50th birthday she begins to lose things — a word here, an idea there, her way home from work — and ultimately receives a diagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

Her journey from highly respected scientist and professor to someone who only partially recognizes her children and husband is as harrowing as it is compelling.  If you have Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia in your family, this is a must-read.  If you don’t, read it anyway, as someone close to you may be fighting a battle you are totally unaware of.

Reading Challenge 2015 scoreboard:

16 – The Island by Elin Hilderbrind

17 – The Snow Globe by Judith Kinghorn

18 – People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

19 – Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  19/50, with three others in progress.