Every once in a while the stars all align “just so”, the weather is perfect, the friends are all compatible, and the day becomes golden.

Today was one of those days.  Beginning about 4:30 a.m. as Baby Brother came home from work and quietly shut my bedroom door (waking me up) and we visited a bit before I went back to sleep, continuing through the sales set-up at the Country Club (mostly done before I got there, thanks to a VERY slow street sweeper who slowed me down), a delightful meeting, and a trouble-free drive back to Visalia — today was one of those days!

I packed dolls for sale very carefully, knowing that we needed to maximize our sales table space and I needed to choose wisely.  With a few items, I marched boldly up to the intended recipient, placed it in her arms, and then watched the magic happen.

So many of the ladies that Mom and I played dolls with for years were there…and it was such fun to see them happily go home with dolls from her collection.  I fell in love with a big unmarked bisque girl with a hairline crack in her forehead; she was priced ridiculously low at $85.00, and I wrestled with myself for an hour or so.  But, ultimately, I realized that with that same $85.00 I could buy a round-trip train ticket from Grover Beach to Anaheim and back, thereby travelling to the Close To My Heart Convention in style and grace.  So the train tickets won!

I spent too much time visiting and selling to take very many pictures, so you will just need to imagine how much fun we had.  Many thanks for the June meeting date; to the staff and servers at the San Luis Obispo Country Club, and to the many ladies who shopped at the Cuesta sales table.  You were all absolutely lovely, and I salute you!  And to the California Scenic Coast club — today was such fun — may we do it again next year?