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I have been thinking this evening about how I get things done.  Mostly I have been thinking about how much I can avoid with some creative stalling.

I had an early work night, and came home determined to write tonight’s blog post.  I sat at my computer desk about 10:30, ready to write.  Since then, I have

*played Bingo Crack (my newest obsession) on the computer

*fixed and eaten a huge bowl of Butterfinger ice cream with Butterscotch topping

*heard granddaughters’ prayers

*fed the dog

*played Mahjong on the computer

*dispensed “itch medicine” to both girls (separately)

*read a few emails

*”built” a peanut butter & Jelly sandwich and eaten it

*checked out next week’s work schedules and calendared mine

and I feel like I am missing something.

Oh, and my granddaughters are stalling, too.  They have been in bed for nearly two hours and haven’t fallen asleep yet.  “I’m not tired yet, Grammy,” has been the refrain.

I spent over two hours this afternoon setting up a “Mailchimp” account so I can make more wonderful newsletters for my Close To My Heart business.  It was supposed to be an easy process, but I kept getting stalled by widgets that refused to be configured and unicorn drawings that didn’t want to be copied.  I think I must have depleted my creativity quotient for today!

So I’ll stop stalling, run a quick spell-check, and publish today’s post.  Good night, and may all your dreams be creative.