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Most of us celebrate Independence Day on the fourth of July, enjoying our “safe and sane” fireworks and sparklers this most wonderful evening of the year, then putting them aside until July 4 rolls around again next year.  Then there are those who started tuning up on July 3, or perhaps even July 2, extending their pleasure in the day while adding to the discomfort of animals whose owners hadn’t yet moved them inside.

In a category all their own are those such as my neighbor across the street and one house over, who waited until midnight (by that time July 5) to START her family’s fireworks celebration.  This clueless (or downright rude) neighbor had a preponderance of fireworks that whistled as they exploded, effortlessly setting off the alarms of the cars parked nearby and sending dogs and cats into hiding.  I ended up sleeping in the living room with Chance, who is usually pretty unflappable but made his last comfort stop outside just as a backyard neighbor’s bottle rocket went kaboom!

(Our local shelter stayed open today, even though they are generally closed on Sundays, because there were so many missing and stray pets.  July 4 is the worst day of the year for runaway and/or missing animals.)

Even as I write this tonight — just a few minutes away from July 6 — I can hear booms and whistles in the distance.  Enough is enough!  July 4 will come around again next year.